Top Rated Handheld Pet Vacuum For Wood Floors

Many of you consider having hardwood wooden floors as a touch of class in modernizing your family homes.

Vacuum For Pet HairThey prove to be a masterpiece with that exquisite finishing touch that most of you home owners crave for because of their beautiful color, shine and natural warmth.

The use of a handheld vacuum for wood flooring makes this experience complete.

There are three things that you as the consumer have to put in mind before going to the market to purchase a handheld vacuum:

Determining its Purpose

This depends on a clear view of what you are looking to achieve and what form of dirt are you expecting to encounter in your home. Also, determine its features, pros and cons. For example, if you use a vacuum machine that has rotating brush will disperse the dirt rather than picking up; they can also scratch the floors leaving them dull and rough.

Have Detailed Information

If the information provided by brochures about the machines is unsatisfactory, you can access the internet for additional information as well as people’s reviews about the product which can be useful in decision making. They can assist you to narrow down the search to an ideal brand and model that meets your basic needs.


The level of performance is different in each model and brand; they use high voltage motors for the delivery of strong sucking power which makes them ideal for cleaning pet hair, dirt and other small messes.This information is provided in the manufacturer’s guide on the product. Hand held vacuum cleaners are best suited for smaller tasks; if your specific needs require cleaning an entire big house at a go, you need to choose another type of cleaner like a canister.

Portability of The Cleaner

Cordless machines are considered to be more portable than those of the corded type hence easier to use. This is because the area covered by the corded machines is limited to the length of the cord from the power source. Overall maneuverability is also affected by their weight and size.


Additional features such as a crevice tool, hoses and nozzles are also essential in the overall performance of the vacuum. If it has both the dry and wet functionality, you are able to clean both the wet and dry messes.

Here is a list of the best rated vacuum for pet hair on wood flooring:

The BISSELL Clean-view Deluxe

  • Has excellent cleaning ability.
  • Uses a cyclonic cleaning system.
  • Has a crevice tool and attachable hose for cleaning areas that are hard to reach.
  • Lightweight.
  • Corded with a cord that is 18 feet long.

Black & Decker CHV1510

  • Has a cyclonic cleaning system and smart design.
  • Easily maneuvered.
  • Excellent performance due to the use of a powerful motor.
  • High voltage.
  • Cordless

Filter Stream Dirt Tamer

  • Superior suction suitable for thorough deep cleaning.
  • Innovative cleaning features are of a wide range.
  • Its power source is a 12 volt lead acid battery.
  • Has a longer period of running before the battery runs out.
  • Has excellent suction.